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I looked like I had chicken pox

I started using crystal meth about 1 year ago. I was a senior in High School, good student, member of the cross country team. I had a loving family, good friends, etc. Then I started using Meth. I tried it a couple times and from that point on I was hooked. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I graduated High School and went on to college. But before my 1st semester of college was up, Meth became such a big problem that I had to drop out. I was no longer living in reality. I was being sucked headfirst down the most dark, lonely, and terrifying tunnel I could only have imagined in a nightmare. I was completely delusional at that point. I went from 6' 160 lbs. to 117lbs. My face turned pale and my eyes were slowly changing from Hazel to a dull gray. I looked like I had chicken pox, from hours of staring at myself in the mirror picking at myself. Massive Paranoia clouded my brain. I didn't have a job, I wasn't in school, I spent all my time either doing meth, or trying to get it. My life became devoted to something that was killing my body and soul. A couple months later, I contracted HIV. I started using more, desperate to escape from all sense of reality. Within that same month, I was arrested for check fraud and possession of Meth. But still, I did not quit. Two weeks after I got arrested, I went out and did so much Meth that I went completely crazy. I spent the next day and night running barefoot through town, jumping fences, digging holes and hiding under sheds, the whole time believing there were people were after me, when there wasn't. I made it to a hospital the next morning, where I was diagnosed with minor frostbite, a broken foot, and severe cuts and abrasions. After that I finally agreed to go to rehab. That was a month and a half ago, and I've stayed sober since then. I hope to God I can make it through this. I know I can, and I will. Meth took over my life. The only thing Meth gave me is a year of pain, a disease I will one day die of, a possible jail sentence, and scars burned into my chest from liquid hot Meth.

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