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meth is death

I started doing meth at 22 but had been smoking pot and did cocaine from the age of 13. I lost 70 pounds during my first month of using. I abandoned my apartment, my job and my family within a week of starting meth. I was homeless and living in a park shortly there after. I got a place eventually but got more involved and started selling and using and stayed up for as long as my body would let me. I don't remember eating and I never wanted to sleep. I didn't care about anyone or anything that was good for me. I got into a relationship that didn't last very long, but the abuse did. I was being robbed, abused and pregnant. Life just got worse.

I am a drug court graduate today and clean off meth for 3 years and 3 months. I love my life and who I am today. Without drugs. I have some amazing people in my life and a huge sober support. My family trusts me. I get to see people live life and be happy. I get to live life on life's terms and don't have to run every time something doesn't go the right way.... it's my way. I'm so blessed that I got in trouble when I did or I might be dead today and not get to know that I don't need meth to survive. To me meth is death. I know that whole I was using, I was dead inside. I'm happy, full of love and have wonderful friends. That's a blessing and a miracle. So if you're reading this and you struggle, you are not alone. Life is wonderful for me today.

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