Take Action

Get Help

If you are concerned someone you care about is using Meth and needs help, consult the resources below to find a treatment facility or support group near you.

Speak Up

Some people write stories. Others take photos. And some pick up a paintbrush. Share your message about Meth and join the conversation. Need inspiration to get started? Create a drawing or video based on a real story.

Spread the Word

Hold a screening of the Meth Project ads or the HBO documentary “Montana Meth”, create your own fundraising event, or simply spread the word by sharing content from methproject.org on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, in school or at home.

Recognizing the signs of Meth use is a first step in intervention. If the person you are concerned about is exhibiting a majority of the behaviors described below, they may need your help. Not every user will display all of these symptoms and other illicit drugs may also cause similar behaviors.

Signs may include:

Changes in physical appearance including deteriorating hair, skin, or teeth

Obsessively picking at hair or skin

Excessive sweating that’s not from heat or physical activity

Letting themselves go physically, and not showering or caring how they look

Decreased appetite and unhealthy weight loss

Dilated pupils and rapid eye movement

Unusual or foul body odor—some may smell like ammonia

Burn marks on fingers or mouth

Strange sleeping patterns—staying up for days or even weeks

Jerky, erratic movements, twitching, facial tics, animated, or exaggerated mannerisms and incessant talking

Does repetitive, meaningless tasks like disassembling electronics or other household items for no apparent reason

Possession of drug paraphernalia like glass pipes, burnt spoons, cutoff straws, or needles

Borrowing money often, selling possessions, or stealing

Angry outbursts, mood swings, or overall change in attitude

Acting paranoid or talking about being in danger, even though there is no reason to feel threatened

Psychotic behavior characterized by paranoia and hallucinations