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DEA Warns of Alarming Post-COVID Rise in Drug Use; NY Sees 214% Jump in Meth Seizures

January 26, 2021: Although shadowed by COVID-19-related deaths, fatal drug overdoses continue to climb, according to the DEA.

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Montana Meth Project releases new prevention video for educators teaching during a pandemic

Jan 20, 2021: The Montana Meth Project has released a new educational video in an effort to help teachers explain the facts around meth and the dangers of addiction in the face of a pandemic that’s putting extra stress on teen students who are vulnerable to drug use.

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New Montana Meth Prevention Lesson Video offers "one-click" tool for classroom and remote learning

Oct 27, 2020: Sizzle. Bang! Top middle school science teacher takes students into his lab to demonstrate the devastating effects of Meth use in a new video lesson produced by the Montana Meth Project.

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Pandemic, Meth Fuel Crime and Domestic Abuse in Montana

Sept 1, 2020: Montana's most populous county has seen a sharp increase in violent crime since the coronavirus pandemic began, driven by more domestic abuse and drug-related crimes, federal and local authorities said Tuesday.

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The Meth Prevention Lesson Video is a one-click lesson hosted by top middle school science teacher Mike Crockett.


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