Mug Shot Match-up

Pair up the mug shots of these users.

Meth use can ravage people's faces and bodies so badly that they become almost unrecognizable. Sometimes the changes can happen in just a matter of months. See if you can pair up the mug shots of these users.


Pair up the before and after mug shots of these users.

©Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Faces of Meth™
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Now guess how long this took...

Signs of Use

Scabs. Rotting teeth. Acne. Meth can do some nasty things to your appearance. Check out some of the most common.

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Hair LossMeth users’ bodies are typically starved of nutrients needed to maintain healthy hair. Without these nutrients, hair becomes brittle and can fall out.
Decaying TeethRotting teeth are so common to Meth users that the effect has a name—Meth Mouth. A combination of factors contributes to this dental decay, from tooth grinding to users’ disregard for hygiene or brushing.
Obsessive PluckingAddicts use tweezers or other sharp objects to pick at imaginary bugs under their skin and some will pluck out their eyebrows in a tweaked-out state. They wind up with scabs and sores on their face and body.
Sickly SkinMethamphetamine is a toxin so the body gets rid of the drug through the pores, causing severe acne and a diseased appearance. The drug also impedes the body’s ability to repair itself so sores and skin infections take longer to heal.
Foul Body OdorMeth addicts can have a seriously unpleasant smell. The drug increases sweating and users often go for days without changing their clothes or bathing. In addition, the ammonia-like smell of the drug, similar to cat urine, stays with them.
Weight LossMeth suppresses the appetite and users who go on binges—doing Meth for days or even weeks—will eat very little. They’ll experience an unhealthy loss of body mass, muscle atrophy, and weakness as the body goes into a dangerous state of starvation and starts eating away at muscle and fat.