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If a friend is using Meth, the sooner they get help the better off they’ll be. Since the serious effects of a drug like Meth require the expertise of a professional counselor, you can help your friend by finding resources near you with the Treatment Locator created by SAMHSA, the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration.

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How do you reach out to a friend who is using Meth? Here are some tips.

Prepare yourself.

Find out about methamphetamine and the risks of Meth use so you can understand what they’re going through. Take time and plan out what you’ll say.

Be careful.

Confronting someone while they’re high on Meth can be dangerous, as users can become agitated or psychotic. Wait until they seem sober, and pick a safe place to talk.

Hear them out.

Listen to your friend. It could provide important insight into why they’re using Meth and how you can help.

Seek assistance.

Meth addiction is very hard to deal with, and a trained professional can provide the help your friend needs.

Keep at it.

Your friend might not be ready to get help right away, but if you keep reaching out, you might be able to help when the time is right.

Show support.

Recovery is a long process. Your friend will be dealing with lingering effects from the drug even after they quit since Meth can cause significant brain damage. Just being there for your friend can go a long way.

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Helping someone who's using Meth is not easy. Be supportive, listen, and encourage them to get help. Click here to find a treatment facility in your area.


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