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I started using drugs when I was 14 and now on my 23 birthday I don´t remember who am I or what is going on with my life. I had a career and a job, and had an opportunity of being a researcher on Biochemistry and Pharmacology... but I really didn't care at all, and I lose my family and friends, a car and a house, I´m just living for another fix and another rush that meth has on me. I started with marijuana at 14 years old and at my 16th birthday I binged on meth and I really liked the sensation because I felt empty and sad all the time..Now I have to get enough meth for injecting myself and I really don´t know when it is gonna be enough. I can´t live anymore this way but I just can´t stop using.

If you didn´t try meth, not even once in your life, I have to advice you something: NEVER try meth, stay as clean as possible and free of drugs.. a drug can give you a false sensation of happiness and confidence but really is a living hell because you never get rid of it.. please don't try meth, not even once. From my experience, meth just takes everything that you care the most about and makes you feel that your life is not worth it... I just have to say that I don't know if I´m gonna wake up tomorrow but just for today I´m not so bad.. thanks for reading...

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