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Hi my name is Catman K I am a 51 yr old white male married to my lovely wife Chipmunk we have been married 25yrs!!!! I have been a tweaker for the past 30 years now VERY tried tired tired tired out from My friend good life Crystal Meth!!!!!!!! I! Have been in jail more than I want to admit due to Meth!!!! I HAVE LIVED IN A TRUCK WITH A CAT ON METH I HAVE SLAMMED, SMOKED AND SNORTED METH ALMOST BEEN KILLED ON METH BY OTHER TWEAKERS THE PAST 9 MONTHS ALONE!!!!!!!!

Lucky to be alive. Hospital overdoses, ARRESTED MANY TIMES. MY LAST METH SMOKING BINGE I SMOKED quarter gram in ten minutes, had a stroke, destroyed half the nerve cells in my face now I drool constantly.

Meth has destroyed my body at 51yrs, old retired now, wore out. 37 days clean hope this helps

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