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Tied to a chair

I started doing meth at the age of 14. I had friends who sold it so I could get it anytime I wanted. When I started meth I was a straight A student and had never done anything to hurt anyone in my entire life. It took only one month before my grades dropped, six months before I dropped out of school, eight months before i moved out of my house and began living on the street. During this time I was fighting drinking, lost my virginity, and had even stayed up for so long I attacked my mother because I thought she the darkness trying to kill me. I spent a whole week in a car staring at one spot not sleeping eating or moving it wasn't until my mother found me and had to carry me home that I realized what was going on. One night I was so high I had been up for nearly two weeks and I went from room to room attacking my entire family in their sleep, the only way they could stop me was tying me to a chair for two days until I could crash out and get some sleep. Eventually my mother moved us to get me away from my friends, and I searched it out in our new home. I found it, One night I was so high and so depressed with such a bad headache that I took pill after pill after pill wanting the headache to go away. It was enough to kill me. Waking up in the hospital the next morning and seeing my family in tears I knew I had gone too far and it was time for a change. It has been nearly four years since ive touched the stuff but it is a never-ending battle for me. I have to remind myself everyday why I have to watch who I talk to where I go who i hang out with because i never want to be that person ever again. And I think to myself if I never tried it not even once I wouldnt have to have this constant reminder of the life I once had. Its really not worth it not even once.

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