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Mexican soccer player caught smuggling 47.75 pounds of Methamphetamine into San Diego

April 12, 2017

A Mexican soccer player from the Xolos of Tijuana club is being held in San Diego after he attempted to smuggle 47.75 pounds of methamphetamine into the U.S., Goal.com is reporting.

Daniel Andres Gomez, 21, had missed practice since Wednesday and friends and family were frantically looking for him.

Citing a complaint filed Monday to a U.S. district court, Goal.com said the man was arrested that same morning after drugs were discovered in his car in the Otay Mesa crossing.

Gomez, also a U.S. citizen, arose the agents’ suspicion because the spare tire in the trunk was unusually heavy, the complaint said. In a second inspection, agents “discovered 23 packages wrapped in clear plastic wrap, carbon paper, cardboard, and packing tape.”

Inside, officers found a clear crystal-like substance that tested positive for methamphetamine.

Goal.com reported Gomez waived his Miranda rights and agreed to an interview with Homeland Security investigators.

“Gomez stated that he was going to have breakfast by himself and then return to Tijuana, MX to go to soccer practice at 8:00. Gomez claimed he did not know anything about the drugs in the vehicle,” the document reads.

The defender has played only five games with the Tijuana Xolos in the Segunda Premier, which according to Goal is Mexico’s third division often filled with players too old for the Under-20 team.

Club officials have declined to comment.