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Methamphetamine problem once again soars across Minnesota

December 15, 2016

RED LAKE FALLS, Minn. (Valley News Live) Just 5 years ago it seemed to be a problem that was diminishing. But today, the use of Meth and the number of arrests are once again soaring across Minnesota.

Just this week, Red Lake County Deputies made a traffic stop here in Red Lake Falls and the suspect took off running. But, he only got about 15-feet, before a deputy placed him under arrest.

Now, Todd Theyson of Buffalo, Minnesota is being charged with possession of 9 grams of meth.

Sheriff Mitch Bernstein, Red Lake County: “For sure, we probably have run into it more this year in any year during the last 10 years. Unfortunately, it’s around.”

Sheriff Berstein says he’s already seeing the effects of more meth use, because the number of other crimes goes up.

Reporter: “When meth use goes up do you see more burglaries and thefts?”

Sheriff Mitch Bernstein, Red Lake County: “Yep, for sure. We’re investigating a couple thefts right now that just happened within the last few days that would fit the motive of somebody looking for quick cash.”

And Red Lake Falls is certainly not alone, statewide the numbers concerning the confiscation of meth have taken a major jump.

In 2011, 46,000 grams of meth were seized… 2015, 104,000 grams and this year, authorities are on track to seize as much as 145,000 grams of meth.

So, what’s happening?

Sheriff Mitch Bernstein, Red Lake County: “Basically, the explanation that we seem to see is whatever is available and cheapest at the time. They’re really not that picky. It’s whatever they can get their hands on for the best price.”

In Minnesota the number of people arrested on meth charges jumped from 14-hundred in 2011 to just over 2,000 last year. It appears even more people will face meth charges this year.