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Why some Texas meth smugglers have the softest skin -- and their customers do not

Dallas News, September 24, 2016

It's a fact: Aloe is good for your skin; methamphetamine is not.

The drug causes terrible acne and can elicit the feeling of bugs crawling under your skin, causing users to obsessively scratch.

Aloe, on the other hand, has healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

So it's ironic that drug smugglers on the Texas border chose to hide their liquid meth in bottles labeled as aloe vera juice.

"Our CBP officers continue to see unique smuggling techniques," said Efrain Solis, director of the Anzalduas Port of Entry.

A canine team wasn't fooled, and almost 10 pounds of the substance was found in the luggage of a Mexican citizen from Cleveland, Texas, who was trying to cross the border near McAllen.

That much meth has a street value in the neighborhood of $200,000. The aloe they disposed of presumably was much less valuable.

But it must have made for some especially healthy skin in that smuggling crew.