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Meth-Smoking Boyfriend and Girlfriend Beheaded Her Alleged Rapist

The Daily Beast, June 30, 2016

A Minnesota boyfriend and girlfriend are charged with second-degree murder after he allegedly decapitated her accused rapist.

Joseph C. Thoresen, 35, allegedly bludgeoned 20-year-old David A. Haiman with a baseball bat before stabbing him in the abdomen and cutting off his head with a machete on Sunday. Thoresen, police say, then stuck Haiman’s head in a bag and threw it in the woods in Itasca County. Haiman’s torso was found separately.

Thoresen's girlfriend, identified in a criminal complaint only as K.D.G., was charged on Thursday with second-degree murder as an accomplice and with third-degree assault, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Thoresen and his girlfriend confronted Haiman at their apartment after she said the friend had raped her. Haiman allegedly agreed to be tied up by the two before the K.D.G. punched and kicked him, breaking his nose.

Thoresen joined in on the beating, according to police, and told Haiman he should not have raped "my girl."

The Star-Tribune reported that Mark Weller, with the Itasca County Sheriff's Office, couldn't "confirm or deny" whether the sexual assault occurred, "but we are looking into that."

K.D.G. told police they then all “talked about ‘scoring some bud’” after the beating at that the three left in Haiman’s car. They then met several other unnamed friends and smoked marijuana and then meth. Afterward, according to the affidavit, Thoresen drove them into the woods in Haiman’s car.

At some point, a disagreement arose, and Haiman “repeatedly called them worthless pieces of shit and called her a slut,” the complaint states. K.D.G. reportedly told police that Thoresen and Haiman argued and that there was “car trouble.” Thoresen got out and opened the hood. When Haiman followed him out of the car, Thoresen allegedly hit him over the head with a baseball bat and stabbed him multiple times with a machete. K.D.G. told police that she tried to stop him and that Haiman was on the ground groaning and asking for help. Then Thoresen took a large knife and cut off Haiman’s head, according to K.D.G.’s account to police.

She told officers that when her boyfriend killed Haiman, it was “not my Joe.”

Thoresen’s pants were covered in blood from the knee down, K.D.G. told police.

Haiman was reported missing when he didn’t show up for work on Saturday. The last activity on Haiman’s cell phone, investigators said, was on June 21. The last activity on his Facebook page was recorded on June 20.

A Deer River police officer noticed a car with an obstructed license plate, which turned out to be Haiman’s vehicle that had been reported missing. Thoresen was driving it with another person identified only as T.M.C. The two led police on a high-speed chase.

At one point during the chase, Thoresen lost his shoe trying to flee from the passenger’s side. T.M.C. allegedly ran into the woods and was found at a nearby house. He told police that Thoresen pulled a knife on him and told him to keep driving and not to stop during the chase. (Police did not find a knife on Thoresen or in the vehicle, the affidavit states.)

T.M.C. told police, according to the document, that Thoresen admitted he’d killed the vehicle’s owner several days earlier after luring him out of the car by saying he needed to check the oil, hitting him over the head with a baseball bat and then stabbing him “in the lungs.” He reportedly told T.M.C. that he cut off the man’s head and dragged his body into the woods.

If convicted, Thoresen faces a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison.