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New details in FBI meth bust

KWWL 7, May 6, 2016

(KWWL) - A large meth ring is taken down by the FBI and eight men are charged in the case.

KWWL digging into the criminal complaint which led to raids in Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Denver, Dubuque and Marshalltown.

The 39 page court document revealing wire taps, undercover agents, and informants were used to understand the inner workings of the meth ring.

The investigation centering around Chad Weyland and Michael Bent.

Back in 2014, Weyland was arrested with drug money and served a short sentence.

He then became an informant until he reportedly began selling meth again.

Bent, getting his supply from Weyland, is accused of selling meth to an undercover agent from a Dubuque home on Pinard Street.

The report says the two get in deep with new suppliers, Arreola and Martinez from Marshalltown, in January of this year.

But just 2 months later, both are apparently upset at the quality of the drug.

In phone conversations, Weyland complains about a too much powder being mixed in.

But the relationship continues and in March Weyland reportedly owes his Marshalltown suppliers more than $25,000 in drug money.

Other evidence gathered against the eight men charged includes surveillance of drug and money exchanges in Cedar Falls and Dubuque.

Six other individuals arrested in Dubuque, during the FBI drug raids, also face numerous state drug charges.