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Man cited after bringing meth pipe to council

Jackson County Cronicle, March 23, 2016

A Black River Falls man was cited after bringing methamphetamine paraphernalia into last week’s city council meeting.

Brady J. Palmer put a bag with a glass pipe and gem baggies into Police Chief Scot Eisenhauer’s lap at the end of the police department’s monthly report.

Palmer said the items weren’t his and that he can’t turn in paraphernalia he finds without police believing he is a meth user.

“Um, sir, I’ve got some business with the police department report,” Palmer, 42, said to Mayor Ron Danielson before approaching Eisenhauer. “I’ve got some crystal meth paraphernalia in here. You just can’t give it to officers because they present it like they think I’m on meth.”

Palmer told those in attendance he picked up the pipe, gem baggies and two storage containers “across the street” and in the 11th Street area. Eisenhauer said he saw Palmer hours before the March 16 council meeting but that the Black River Falls resident wouldn’t come down to the station to meet with him to discuss his concerns.

Eisenhauer said police issued the possession of drug paraphernalia citation because of his behavior earlier in the afternoon, at the council meeting and his failure to cooperate.

Eisenhauer believed Palmer was under the influence of a stimulant or drug because he was difficult to understand and was moving quickly around city council chambers. Danielson also attempted to stop Palmer’s comments and told him to contact Eisenhauer the next morning.

“No, no, that’s not going to be good enough,” Palmer told Danielson. “I have a right to talk about this.

“You don’t care that there’s meth going on above this dance hall and on 11th Street?”

Danielson countered police are handling the issues.

“We understand what’s going on and the chief is on top of it,” he told Palmer. “Thanks for bringing the information. We’ll go from there – take it from there. We don’t forget ya.”

Eisenhauer spoke to Palmer at 2 p.m. on Main Street when he was shirtless in 30-degree weather, “very excitable” and mentioned drug paraphernalia and lack of law enforcement response, according to the police department report.

“It’s just bizarre behavior, that’s all,” Eisenhauer said after the meeting. “We don’t want to discourage people from bringing in items, but tell us so we can find out who they belong to.

“We encourage people to bring us things, but do it in the proper manner.”

Palmer firmly disputes he uses drugs, noting he is an avid runner who puts in 50 miles a week. He said he brought the items to the council meeting to get them off the street and bring his concerns about law enforcement’s handling of drug issues.

“I think they’re doing a terrible job,” Palmer said after the meeting. “(Saying I use drugs) is absolutely ludicrous. The best people in town can vouch for me.”

Palmer also spoke during City Administrator Brad Chown’s report where he criticized Chown’s handling of other city-related issues. Palmer also made a comment during the fire department report in which he complimented Fire Chief Steve Schreiber’s caretaking of the Jane Doe grave at Riverside Cemetery during the 25-year span the woman ‘s body remained unidentified.