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Danville police looking into possible meth lab find potentially explosive chemicals

WMUR - 9ABC, Feb 23, 2016

DANVILLE, N.H. —A Danville man is in jail after authorities searched his home for chemicals and equipment to make meth.

Acting on tip from a neighbor, police converged on a trailer in the Cotton Farm mobile home park. They thought they were looking for drug activity.

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“Initially, it was chemicals that could be used for a meth lab. That was the concern. But upon more investigating, there were more chemicals that could be of the explosive type,” said Sheriff Michael Hureau, of the Rockingham County Sheriff Department.

Mathew Starble, 32, who lives in the home with his mother and sister, was arrested and faced a judge on Tuesday.

Investigators said they found two devices, as well as chemicals that, if mixed, had the potential to explode.

However, police said they didn't feel there was a need to evacuate nearby homes.

News of their findings was still surprising to residents.

“I don't know why they would be doing that,” said Dick Nyburg, of Danville. “I don't want them to be blowing my place up.”

“We've dealt with him with other issues in the past. This is something new for us, though, regarding this type of activity,” said Chief Wade Parsons, of the Danville Police Department.

In court, prosecutors said Starble has a record dating back to 2003, including drug arrests and assault and battery charges.

"It's clear by the charges he's a danger not only to himself, but also to the public and, more importantly, to his own family," said prosecutor Peter Fowler.

The sheriff and chief say they didn't know what his intent may have been with these chemicals, but they are glad they got to his house when they did.

“All these homes are situated relatively close. People generally look out for each other over there. I will say this particular family did not associate much with the other neigbhors, so that was pretty much undetected, that kind of activity,” said Parsons.

Starble was ordered held $50,000 bail and will be back in court next month.