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Mom charged with murder after baby dies from meth overdose

PIX 11, Feb 22, 2016

SALMON, Idaho -- An Idaho woman is being charged with first-degree murder after her 6-month-old daughter died of a methamphetamine overdose.

The baby, Serenity Gail Elmore, was found unresponsive at her home about a year ago.

The County Sheriff originally believed the baby died of SIDS, but after an autopsy was performed, a lethal dose of meth was found in the child's stomach.

According to EastIdahoNews.com, investigators discovered meth inside of a bottle of Children's Dimetapp and also within a partially-full baby bottle.

By the time Serenity was brought to the hospital, doctors say that the child had not been breathing or had been unconscious for a long time.

Heather Elam is already behind bars at the Pocatello Women's Correctional Center on possession of a controlled substance charges. She could face 10 years to life in prison.