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‘Child-porn-peddling’ dentist blames meth for confession

New York Post, Nov 25, 2015

The Chelsea dentist who allegedly bragged about engaging in bestiality and intentionally spreading HIV to gay lovers by poking holes in condoms claims he lied about it all to an FBI informant because he was high on meth.

“People on meth aren’t necessarily accurate historians,” said Marc Agnifilo, the lawyer for Dr. John Wolf, 59, during a bail hearing Tuesday in Manhattan federal court. “They exaggerate and say outlandish things. I don’t think any of that happened.”

Wolf just happens to be “a very good dentist with a drug problem,” Agnifilo added.

Wolf was arrested Friday and charged with conspiracy to possess methamphetamine with intent to distribute, and possession and distribution of child porn.

He was accused of engaging in rampant sex parties with animals in Brooklyn and Manhattan, including a dog on one occasion, according to federal law enforcement sources.