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New trailer to assist in meth lab cleanup

The Journal Gazette, Oct 21, 2015

Kosciusko County has a new trailer for certified clandestine drug lab officers.

The trailer will allow officers to respond quicker to meth labs, and in turn will render them safe that much faster, Warsaw police said in a statement.

The trailer will be used by multiple certified drug lab officers from agencies throughout Kosciusko County, including Warsaw police, Winona Lake police and the Indiana State Police.

The trailer will be housed locally, it said, which will allow the agencies to respond much quicker to meth labs to collect evidence and clean up.

Before purchasing the trailer, if a meth lab was found in Kosciusko County, the Indiana State Police Clandestine Lab Team would be called to respond, typically from the Bremen post or even from Lowell.

The response time for the lab to arrive would be two to four hours, depending on whether they were already working on a case, police said.

The trailer and equipment were obtained after local officers from Warsaw and Winona Lake police departments received 40 hours of Drug Enforcement Training in Quantico, Virginia. The officers were certified in meth lab collection, storage and disposal.

The officers also completed 24 hours of on-the-job training and have to complete an eight-hour refresher course every year to remain certified. Kosciusko County hopes to train and certify additional officers from other agencies across the county.