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Naked Woman In Tree Gets Meth Dealer Arrested

Huffingtonpost, Oct 13, 2015

A couple of high snitches didn't have a stitch to wear, but that didn't stop them from helping police locate their alleged dealer. In fact, they were looking for him, too.

Residents of Trinity, Texas, called the cops last week after seeing a naked woman running around their neighborhood, knocking on doors. Trinity police responded and found the woman, who had climbed up a tree.

According to KTRE, as officers tried to coax the woman down from the tree, they received a call about another naked person in the area. It turns out that it was the woman's boyfriend.

The couple admitted they had taken some drugs, and said they'd been searching for their dealer.

"They said they didn't know his name, but they had been texting him," Sheriff Woody Wallace told KTRE. "I said, 'Well, text him again.'"

Police arrested their alleged dealer, Jacob Walker, after he showed up to meet the couple with some meth.

The naked couple were let go because they'd been cooperative and no longer posed a danger, police said.

This isn't the first time cops have followed a naked person to a drug bust. In 2012, Illinois police followed a naked, bloody man back to his house, where it turned out he was allegedly running an ecstasy-making operation.