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Sheriff to launch new tactics after 140 meth labs found in field

Wane.com, April 15, 2015

LAGRANGE COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – People making meth will be the target of the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department. This comes after 140 one-pot meth labs were found Tuesday.

The shocking discovery was found in a two mile radius in rural LaGrange County. We can’t tell you the exact location since police are still investigating.

“That tells us it is the same cooks using the same area. So, that gives us a leg to stand on if you will to go after them,” LaGrange County Sheriff Jeff Campos explained.

It’s something deputies found after a farmer discovered 20 one pot meth labs in one of his fields. After searching a two mile area for evidence, officers found 140 one-pot meth labs. Although Sheriff Jeff Campos has never seen this many meth labs in one area, he tells NewsChannel 15 he is not surprised.

“Meth cooks are creatures of habit. They will do the same thing over and over. They keep doing it until they get caught and then they change. Especially after the winter. Snow falls and it covers it up and the farmers aren’t really checking their fields and they just lay dormant. So, those bottles are thrown throughout the winter.”

Sheriff Campos is in the process of launching new tactics to tackle the meth problem. Specifically going after those using and selling the drug.

“I’ve got a younger department, and I want to be more proactive. I’ve got some eager officers, and I want to develop a proactive program to go more after the meth users and meth dealers because drugs always evolve into other crimes.”

Campos posted the pictures of the meth trash on Facebook to help raise community awareness of what they should look out for.

“The more they know, the safer they will be and the more information they can give feed us to go after these people.”

If you find any suspicious trash, Sheriff Campos urges you not to touch it and to call 911.