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Cops seize ‘Breaking Bad’ blue meth worth $1.6M

New York Post, April 9, 2015

Who does he think he is, Walter White?

Cops found a massive stash of “blue” meth hidden in an Illinois man’s trunk when they pulled him over for a traffic stop near the Holland Tunnel, authorities said.

State Police and NYPD cops searched the trunk of a Hyundai Sonata driven by Mario Hernandez around 5 p.m. Wednesday and discovered $1.6 million in Methamphetamine styled after the “Baby Blue” product made infamous by the TV show “Breaking Bad,” according to police sources.

Hernandez, who is from Elgin, Ill., was driving a Sonata with New York plates and had 25 kilos stashed in crates used to transport stone tiles, sources said.

It was not clear is the meth head was heading into the tunnel to head to New Jersey.