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Trick-or-Treater Given Bag of Crystal Meth

Newser, November 4, 2014

(NEWSER) – Checking out their 8-year-old daughter's Halloween candy, parents in the San Francisco Bay Area came upon something that definitely wasn't a Snickers. It was a .1-gram bag of crystal meth, police say. "This could have been intentional or it could have been accidental, and we won't know until we speak with the person who did this," police Sgt. Ezra Tafesse notes. Neighbors were shocked, ABC 7 reports. "I think this is a good community, so that's a surprise," says one.

So far, Tafesse says, there aren't any suspects, the Contra Costa Times reports. But "a tenth of a gram is enough for felony charges" of possession, he says, per RT.com. Police are taking the opportunity to warn parents of trick-or-treating risks. "More than anything, we want to educate the public to inspect their children's candy before giving it to them," the officer says.