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New Law Aims to Curb Access to Meth Ingredients

Nine News 26, October 10, 2014

In Lansing — Gov. Rick Snyder has signed legislation giving law enforcement more authority to prevent methamphetamine production and protect communities near potential production sites.

House Bill 5615, adds “surfing”, which is a term for the purchasing of meth ingredients in small increments from multiple retailers, to the list of crimes that constitute racketeering.

The bill is part of a larger methamphetamine initiative signed earlier this year by the governor. It aims to further curb access to chemicals used to produce methamphetamine. The legislation makes it more difficult for drug producers to obtain ingredients. The bill is now Public Act 300 of 2014.

The Governor also signed House Bill 4545, which prohibits tow truck operators from harassing motorists at the scene of a car accident or disabled vehicle. Under the legislation, tow operators who use aggressive, badgering or unethical business practices to solicit customers will be fined $1,000. The bill does not punish tow service operators who offer assistance at the scene of an accident or disabled vehicle, as long as they leave when they’re told that services are not required. This bill is now Public Act 303 of 2014.