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Students suspended for possession of 'Breaking Bad' meth candy

KOAT 7, September 24, 2014

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —Two elementary students have received out-of-school suspensions for bringing candy to Reginald Chavez Elementary School.

“(This was) blown out of proportion,” said the boys’ mother, Virginia Valdez.

Gabriel said that rock candy is his favorite.

He said he wanted to share the treats with his friends. He also said he isn’t very familiar with “Breaking Bad.”

School officials gave slips to the Valdez family saying the boys brought drugs to school. An Albuquerque Public Schools spokesperson said the suspension was for inappropriate and unacceptable behavior and disruption of the educational process.

Interim APS Superintendent Brad Winters could not be reached for comment.

“If candy is brought in the classroom, it can be a distraction,” said Virginia Valdez. “But this was actually going on out on the playground.”

Their mother thinks a more appropriate response would have been to confiscate the candy and call a meeting. A handful of other students were suspended for eating the candy.

The mother said she’s removed her kids from Reginald Chavez.

“It’s not really drugs -- it’s candy,” said Virginia Valdez. “It’s unfair.”