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Buddhist monks defrocked after found with alcohol, condoms and a meth pipe

Daily News, September 23, 2014

Two Buddhist monks were arrested Thursday after police found them drinking along with evidence they smoked crystal meth at a Cambodian commune, the Cambodia Daily reported.

Pich David, 36, and Chan Bunna, 19, were defrocked after they were caught in a private room at the Pur Langka pagoda in Slakram commune with alcohol, condoms and a meth pipe, police said. David was also charged with resisting arrest.

“Pich David was expelled in 2012 for bad behavior, but we allowed him to return in 2013 after he pleaded with the pagoda authorities to come back and promised to adhere to the Buddhist doctrine and to follow the rules of the pagoda,” Pur Lanka pagoda chief monk Keo Khouy told the Cambodia Daily.

Two women and two other men were also arrested in the raid, but only Bunna and pagoda resident In Bros, 30, tested positive for methamphetamine.

Khouy said neighboring villagers lodged complaints over David’s “rowdy late-night activities.”