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California woman on meth charged for tossing boyfriend from scooter, driving off

Dailey News, September 9, 2014

An enraged California woman was high on meth when she berated and tossed her wheelchair-bound boyfriend to the ground before driving off, prosecutors said.

Video of the wild incident Sunday went viral, garnering some 1.8 million views on YouTube by Tuesday, after the couple’s Huntington Beach neighbor posted the 70-second clip under the title, “Neighbors from hell.”

Laura Cox, 47, was busted by a Huntington Beach police after she drove off in her white truck following the altercation just before noon Sunday.

“Common weekly occurrence with this insane neighbor,” Sarah Oliver wrote in the video’s description. “She throws things, beats her boyfriend, drives into stuff. All time day and night.”

The video, taken from Oliver’s window, shows the large man, wearing just boxer shorts, sitting in his motorized scooter directly behind the truck. Suddenly, Cox flies out of the driver’s side door, screaming and gesturing wildly.

“Get the f--k out of my way!” she howls in the man’s face as he asks her to calm down.

Cox begins to punch and kick the truck’s tailgate as she shakes with rage.

“Get out, MOVE!” she yells as she puts down her shoulder and hip checks the man to the ground.

The man flounders and squirms on the ground until he gets up, distraught. Cox, meanwhile, puts the truck in reverse and backs over the motorized scooter.

“My scooter, my scooter! You b---h!” the man is heard wailing on the video, as she drives forward and takes a second run at the scooter, apparently running over the man’s cell phone.

After her arrest, cops charged Cox with driving under the influence of drugs with a prior conviction, use and under the influence of a controlled substance, domestic violence battery and vandalism under $400, Orange County prosecutors said.

But the man, who declined to give his name, told KNBC-TV that Cox, his girlfriend of 20 years, should not be charged with assault.

"Do you see a mark on me? Do you see any marks on the scooter? If you actually really look at the video, she bumps me with her hip," the man told the news station. "I wanted her to stop. I didn’t want her drinking and driving.”

As for the video and nearly 2 million people who have seen it online: “I think people have way too much idle time on their hands and too much to gossip about," he said.