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Mother’s descent into meth addiction marked by charge that she stomped son, 9, to death

Daily News, April 30, 2014

More than her four children, most certainly more than her 9-year-old boy, Omaree, Synthia Varela-Casaus apparently loved meth.

Her relationship with the drug began when she was 15, and its addiction was the driving force in her sad, crime-laden life, leaving her a wreck of a woman at age 38.

She lives now in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque, charged with kicking, beating and stomping to death young Omaree Varela in a seething rage in December. She did not mean to kill her son, she told police. She was only disciplining him and "kicked him the wrong way," KOAT-TV reported.

Varela-Casaus has been arrested more than 20 times, on charges ranging from meth possession to prostitution, and her mug shots over the years show her descent from a young, albeit hard-looking woman 13 years ago to a gaunt, scabbed, diseased-looking junkie.

Two of her children, one of them Omaree, were born while she was in jail. At varying times, she has left her kids in the care of friends, relatives and the foster care system. When her drug urges waned and her maternal instincts kicked in, she would collect her children from their various homes, only to repeat the cycle of falling into meth abuse.

Of the four youngsters, Omaree had spoken out in his own defense. Last summer, he managed to dial 911 while a 20-minute rain of verbal abuse and physical threats barraged him. On an audiotape of the call, his mother and his stepdad, Steve Casaus, are heard berating him in a series of profanity-laden rants.

"Shut the (expletive) up before I really pop you hard man," says the man, according to an audio broadcast by the station.

"You caused this on yourself Omaree. Cause you don't want to (expletive) change do you?" says his mother.

The tirade apparently began after the boy spilled fast food on himself.

"And you want me to be your dad? (Expletive) you! I ain't gonna be (expletive) to you. Don't you even (expletive) look at me as our dad," Casaus yelled. "(Expletive) you Omaree! (Expletive) you."

Child welfare workers later visited the home, but did not remove the children, KOAT reported. In video taken from an inspector's lapel camera, Omaree is seen standing at his front door, peeking around to watch the child welfare workers walk away.

He was dead six months later. Casaus was not charged in his death. He is in jail on a variety of drug-related charges.

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