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Mobile meth lab cases on the rise in South Dakota

ksfy.com, March 25, 2014

KOTA -- Law enforcement officers say they have seen an increase in small-scale meth cooking operations across South Dakota.

Marty Jackley, South Dakota's attorney general, says there have been 39 meth labs found in 2013. Compare that to the 27 discovered two years ago.

Jackley says meth dealers are moving toward a one-pot method, also known as the "shake and bake." Which means using a bottle and ingredients that dealers can get from a convenient store to make meth.

He says this method makes it easy to create meth and even easier to distribute.

"Part of the reason that the labs have increased is the technology in the method to make the methamphetamine," Jackley said. "Because it's easier and less complex to make methamphetamine, we're seeing a little bit more of it."

Jackley says law enforcement is pooling resources to send a strong message to meth manufacturers.