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Liquid Meth: A New, Easier To Hide Version Of The Drug

WITN.com, February 6, 2014

Law enforcement agencies in Eastern Carolina have another form of a deadly drug on their radar. Liquid meth, or methamphetamine manufactured in liquid form, has started showing up to the west of us in our state.

"Drug manufacturers are constantly looking at ways to stay one step ahead of law enforcement," said Duplin County Sheriff Blake Wallace. "So this is just one of those measures."

The meth can be hidden in a soda bottle, and when it gets to its final destination and the liquid evaporates, the crystal meth is all that's left.

"It would be extremely hard to locate," says Investigator Jason Tyndall with the Pamlico County Sheriff's Office. "What they do is dilute it down in water or some kind of liquid form. At that point it's almost undetectable at that point. It's just hard to find."

Sheriff Wallace says the meth can also be consumed in liquid form, so it isn't just used for transportation purposes.