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Brooklyn eatery owner busted allegedly trying to push meth

NYpost.com, December 12, 2013

Would you like a side of meth with that pumpkin-seed tofu?

The owner of the trendy Williamsburg restaurant Gwynnett St. was busted for trying to peddle crystal meth to help pay his bills, according to court papers.

Carl McCoy, 37, allegedly made an agreement with a drug dealer to receive a package of meth in exchange for $1,000. He then planned to sell the drugs for a profit, officials said. McCoy heads the popular Graham Street eatery, which features a nine-course Champagne dinner for $175.

But federal authorities intercepted the delivery as it came in to Kennedy Airport on Dec. 8 after noting it sounded like it contained “small rocks,” Brooklyn Federal Court papers state.

A federal agent later confronted McCoy with the package, documents state. McCoy allegedly copped to the crime, claiming that he was having financial trouble, then flipped to help cops nab his drug-dealer partner, authorities said.

The package contained three kilos of meth and was part of a bigger delivery, according to court papers.

McCoy was charged with conspiracy to possess, with intent to distribute, the drug. He was released on $25,000 bail. He could not be reached immediately for comment.

The restaurant, famous for its whiskey bread, serves such “modern American” cuisine as smoked black cod, pumpkin-seed tofu, and celery root with egg yolk.