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Texas City mother seeks help for 11-year-old son addicted to meth

KHOU.com, November 20, 2013

HOUSTON—A Texas City Mother says she is trying to get help for her 11-year-old son after discovering he is hooked on meth, not just using the drug but injecting it.

“It like just kills me inside. Just to, you know, even look at it. Just keeping it—I kept it because I have to get him help,” said Rena Alvarado, the child’s mother.

She said she found the used needle in her son’s trash Sunday and there are no diabetics in the family, it appeared to be used for drugs.

Not knowing what else to do she called Texas City police.

“I showed him the syringe and everything, and he did not want to have anything to do with it,” Alvarado said.

She said she hoped her son would get arrested so he could get some help, but that didn’t happen. The family said they don’t understand why.

“If an adult was caught on the street with that they would be in jail,” said Rachell Alvarado, the boy’s aunt.

The Alvarados took the boy to UTMB where he tested negative for meth, but he admitted using it and said he got the drug from a 13-year-old at the new city skate park.

Rena Alvarado’s biggest issue is not knowing what to do now.

“No one is doing anything about it. Nothing is being done about it,” she said.

Meth is an issue in Texas City. Just last month six eighth graders were suspended for meth use and distribution at a middle school.

That was liquid meth, Alvarado’s son into the heaviest injectable version of the drug.

The syringe that she doesn’t know what to do with is still haunting her, she said.

“I don’t want to keep it because every time I see it, it hurts me. Every time I see my son going through the symptoms he is having, it hurts me,” she said.

Texas City police said they are looking into the case.