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Two Arrested After Kids Test Positive for Meth

Fox40.com, October 17, 2013

North Platte Police arrested Jeremy Zona Wednesday for Child Abuse and Possession of Methamphetamine.

This follows the arrest of 23-year-old Dusty Swanson, who also faces Child Abuse and Possession of Meth, among other charges, after two young children tested positive for meth.

On Oct. 2, North Platte Police officers received a complaint that 33-year-old Jeremy Zona and 23-year-old Dusty Swanson were smoking meth in the presence of three young children.

Officers found Zona and Swanson at the Lazy K Motel on Rodeo Road.

When they arrived, they found evidence of drug use in the room and conducted a follicle test on the children.

The results proved two of the three children tested positive for meth.

Saturday, officers arrested Swanson, and she was taken to the Lincoln County Detention Center.

Her charges include felony child abuse and possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

The case remains open pending the arrest of Zona.