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Mailing Meth Becoming More and More Common

Fox40.com, October 2, 2013

ROSEVILLE– When you are talking about a 4 lbs., $100,000 meth bust, Roseville is not the first city that comes to mind.

“Here in Roseville we usually deal with low-level drug users and low level dealers,” said Dee Dee Gunther, Public Information Officer for the Roseville Police Department.

Police think Lionel Reyes, 34, was the man trying to run hardcore drugs out of the city with the unknowing help of the U.S. Postal Service.

“It is becoming more common practice to mail meth to other parts of the country where bigger dealers can get a better price for it,” said Gunther.

The discovery was made when postal workers at the office on Sierra Gardens noticed something strange.

“There were some anomalies with the addressing of it and some other things that possibly it contained illegal drugs,” said Gunther.

Postal employees are trained to profile a package and its sender, looking for signs that might indicate something is not right. They will also use X-ray machinery to help determine what is inside.

In this case, it was four pounds of methamphetamine that was to be shipped from Roseville to Arkansas.

Police arrested Reyes at his home on Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard where they also found drug packaging material, illegal assault weapons and ammo.

We tried talking to his wife Jaylene Duenas Reyes who is also facing charges. She declined to comment.