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Four-year-old found with meth at daycare center

Yahoonews.com, September 24, 2013

Police and child protection authorities have been called in after a quantity of methamphetamine was found on a four-year-old at a Perth childcare centre.

Staff at the Tuart Hill Baby and Childcare Centre in Main Street, Osborne Park, found the boy playing with a bag containing a white crystal substance.

An initial police drug test has confirmed the substance is the illicit drug methamphetamine.

It is not thought the boy ingested any of the drug, however, a medical assessment was conducted as a precaution.

The owner of the centre, Joy Robustellini-Kocar, says the incident is upsetting but she has praised staff for following all procedures.

"Very upsetting for all of us and we would respect privacy for the centre and for all the families concerned," she said.

"Staff have followed correct procedures, it's in the authorities' hands."

The Department of Child Protection and Family Services has issued a statement saying it is interviewing a parent of the boy and will conduct a safety and wellbeing assessment as a priority.

Police are expected to interview the boy's parents this evening.