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Meet The "San Francisco Meth Zombies"

NBCbaynews.com, September 5, 2013

Zombies are real -- and they're in San Francisco.

Meth zombies, that is.

The city is in the throes of a methamphetamine epidemic, according to National Geographic TV's "Drugs, Inc." program, the season premier of which is all about the dirty secret of the city's methamphetamine trade -- which may be much bigger than you think.

The 43-minute show opens with the tale of a "gay prostitute" named Colby. Colby's been using crystal meth for 13 years -- he's HIV positive, and there's an "epidemic" of meth use -- also known as Tina -- among the gay community, the show reported.

Colby is homeless, rents a room only to trick or to shoot videos (or crystal), and can be up and awake for as long as eight days at a stretch.

There's plenty of slang to go along with it, which anyone can see for themselves on Craigslist. There's "party n play," there's slang for smoking meth and for shooting it intravenously, too.

There's also an interview with members of the "Asian cartel that's been poisoning San Francisco with meth for almost 25 years," the show reported.

There are six safe houses in the city, presumably in the Tenderloin and South of Market, two areas which the "cartel" supplies. They also supply the Richmond and the Sunset Districts with their "10,000-square foot" meth "superlabs," which produce about 25 pounds of the product a week.

"In San Francisco's drug trade, there's very little peace and love," the show's narrator intones.

Who knew?