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5-month-old Oklahoma baby overdoses on meth

KFOR.com, June 18, 2013

ASHER, Okla. – It began with a DHS home inspection.

A mother raced her baby girl to a metro hospital where the infant tested positive for meth.

Pottawatomie County Deputies escorted the case worker to the home late Saturday night to investigate.

An undercover deputy told us, “When they did that, the man ran out and jumped into a vehicle and ran toward the deputies at a high rate of speed.”

Authorities said David Woods crashed the stolen vehicle and tried to flee.

He was tazed and taken into custody.

David Woods has a lengthy criminal record.

Authorities said he’s been in and out of prison since 1997.

In fact, Woods was released in 2010 after serving time for another felony drug conviction.

A search warrant uncovered a “major” drug trafficking operation at the home.

A can with traces of meth on it was found in the child’s room, explaining how the infant was exposed to dangerous drugs.

Agents found 140 grams of meth, $3,000 in cash and drug paraphernalia.

“Basically this right here was all found in that ammo can with the packaging material in the ammo can,” Woods said.

Deputies also confiscated loaded guns, ammunition and stolen property.

The baby is recovering and is now in DHS custody.

Her father, David Woods, is back behind bars and authorities said Pott. County is a little bit safer.

The undercover deputy said, “We try to keep tabs on it as good as we can. This was fortunate, to take this amount of off the street. Deputies did a good job.”