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Police Say Man Slipped Meth Into Girlfriend's Coffee, Stole Jewelry

KHQ.com, March 19, 2013

BREMERTON, Wash. — A Seattle man is accused of slipping methamphetamine into his girlfriend's coffee and then stealing her jewelry last week.

On Wednesday, 44-year-old Seattle man Moody McMillian took the ferry to Bremerton to visit his girlfriend of three months, Bremerton police said.

After McMillian's girlfriend picked him up at the ferry dock, the two returned to her home where McMillian insisted on making her coffee, something he had never done before, a police report said.

McMillian "hovered over her" until she drank all of the coffee, and according to the police report, "insisted that she drink it all." The victim told police though she thought it was odd, she did drink all the coffee.

According to the police report, the victim has no memory of the next two days.

The victim told police she remembered trying to sleep but being unable to, and that she "felt weird."

She finally was able to confront McMillian on Friday morning by phone as he had since returned to Seattle, police said. According to a police report, McMillian confessed to his girlfriend to putting "about a half a line" of methamphetamine into her coffee because "she was asking for it."

The victim also noted several of her expensive jewelry items were missing.

On Saturday, McMillian returned to Bremerton, where he was arrested. According to the police report, McMillian admitted to officers that he spiked his girlfriend's coffee with methamphetamine and stole her jewelry.

McMillian was charged with domestic violence charges of second-degree assault and second-degree theft. Charges could be amended based on toxicology results, but initial blood work done at a local hospital confirmed methamphetamine was in the victim's system.