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Meth Lab Explodes in Man's Pants During Struggle with Cops

Reuters, May 3, 2012

If you're going to cook meth, you should probably do it the old fashioned way. You know, in a rundown home, a hotel room or a trailer. Carrying around a meth lab in your pants? Well, that's just a horrible idea. Just ask David Williams.

The Oklahoma man was arrested on Friday after a portable meth lab exploded in his pants. A brief encounter with a Highway Patrol trooper led to a roadside struggle that caused the one-pot lab to burst.

The just-cooked meth was then lost forever.

David Williams would have likely been fine had he not panicked. He was a passenger in an SUV when it was pulled over for speeding, reports News On 6. After issuing a ticket, the trooper asked about a chemical smell in the vehicle.

Williams exited the SUV and ran off down the road.

When trooper Shiloh Hill finally apprehended Williams, he "determined there was an active meth lab in his pants that burst during the struggle and got all over his body," according to the station. Running was definitely not a good idea.

For the uninitiated, a portable meth lab involves placing the relevant chemicals in a single container, such as a water bottle. Once flipped, the chemicals start to mix. This is extremely dangerous because of the amount of pressure caused by the reaction, explains KOTV. Water bottles and other containers aren't really made to withstand such force.

Which is definitely why you don't want to carry around a meth lab in your pants. You'll undoubtedly get busted for the manufacturing of a controlled and dangerous substance, as did David Williams. And unfortunately for him, they don't allow meth labs behind bars.