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Teen Testifies She Was Given Meth, Alcohol Before Sexual Assaults

Msnbc.com, January 10, 2012

CORPUS CHRISTI - A member of the Bandidos biker gang appeared in court today to face charges of aggravated sexual assault of child dating back to last summer.

57-year-old Ira Marshall Goodwin, also known as "Butch", was seated in his wheelchair and breathing with the assistance of an oxygen tank.

The prosecution's key witness in the case, a 13-year-old girl, took the stand and talked about what she says happened last summer.

She told the court, "I was given lines of meth and alcoholic drinks for hours, then I was sexually abused, countless times."

Prosecutors say the alleged victim's friend learned of the alleged abuse and reached out to the Children's Advocacy Center.

Forensic examiner, Ricardo Jimenez, listened to the victim's side about the alleged abuse and testified today. “The victim was forthcoming in her statements about being sexual abused and substance abuse," Jimenez told the court.

The prosecutor showed a short video of Marcia Goodwin, Ira's ex-wife, who confessed during an interview with a police detective. She's already plead guilty to multiple counts of sexual assaulting the victim and is serving a 10-year prison sentence.

In her statement, Marcia Goodwin says, "Ira Goodwin, the defendant, is a pervert who claimed he wanted young girls to come over to the house." She also says she watched him perform oral sex on the minor.

Doctor Paula Rosenstein, a therapist, was also called to the stand to testify. She told the court, "I specialize in child maltreatment cases, in my experience sometimes a child that has been sexually abused will shut down or they feel so damaged they allow themselves to continue to be sexually abused."

The alleged victim told the court, "I'm now in care of New Life Hospital and getting the help I need to recover, days are getting brighter."

Testimony in the trial continues tomorrow.

At the time of his arrest Goodwin was out on parole for a voluntary manslaughter in conviction in 1984.

He faces up to 99 years in prison if convicted on multiple counts of felony sexual assault of a child.