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Meth Whiz-ards Extracting Drug From Urine

NBC2, Oct. 6, 2011

There is a shocking new way drug users are turning to make meth.

Evansville, Indiana police detectives say users are now extracting the drug from their urine for re-use.

Detectives say it's commonly reported in other areas of the country, but police say it wasn't until they responded to a meth lab Monday night that they knew the process had come to Evansville.

Police say they pulled 65 one-pot meth labs, bags of meth materials, and jars of urine from that house.

"When the addiction sets in they are willing to do just about anything for that high, so it doesn't surprise me, but it goes to show what lengths they'll go to," says public information officer Karen Kajmowicz.

Police say this case is the first of its kind in Evansville.

Detectives say they have a suspect, but so far haven't made any arrests.

Prosecutors say the spent labs and bags of meth making items will be the main evidence in the case, not the urine.

Detectives say there are several ways that users extract the meth from their urine, but police did not want to go into detail.

Prosecutors say taking drugs from urine is commonly reported in prisons.