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I was born a "tweak baby." Most of my family are either recovering addicts, or are continuous users. I've watched my uncles beat each other nearly to death and I've watched my friends thrown to the streets to make ends meat. I have seen the drug used in every type of way, I've seen it sold and I was forced to sell it or lose my life. This drug has taken over my life without me ever using it. I consider myself to be a strong willed person, but I myself have an addictive mentality. There are ways to free yourself from this demon with the help of others like me. ve watched my friend be taken to jail and to prison only to find themselves alone. Meth effects everyone not just the user. Those who talk down to an addict make matters worse. Most users chose this path to escape from reality only to lose themselves. I have seen the damage I have lived the damage. And I want to help put a stop to this damage. If anyone needs someone to run to, someone to help, someone to talk to, don't be afraid. Stand out and SPEAK UP! I am here for you. You have nothing to be afraid of anymore.

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