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lived a lie?

When i was born i wasn't aware of my surroundings, i didn't realize anything like that was going on until i was 16. i walked into the computer room to see my mother with the meth pipe in her face. that moment is one that will scare me forever. now that i have been living under their roof for 2 years and watching them kill themselves day i understand why i went through the things i did as a child. first me and my brother were sent to foster care then after that we thought they were clean but found out that's why we were always moving around. we moved to Florida for a year then back to Washington shortly after my grandmother got sick in 2008. they were clean for a few months when we got back but my dad became friends with an old family friend that go him benighted with meth.. after that we lost everything!! my brother found out before i did and so he left when he was 17. then after losing him both of our parents lost their jobs, lost the truck, lost the house, and then now they lost their daughter. i moved out this year and so far its been a couple of weeks and i haven't herd anything from them. it hurts to hear they wouldn't want to go back to treatment to keep their daughters respect. i put up with their drug habits for 2 years and they lied about my whole childhood, so i think its fare they need to be put in treatment one more time and maybe they will stop and save their children, their family, and their life's before its to late.

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