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you're so much better than this

My friend is addicted to meth as the rest of his family. We had dated for a while but afterwards, me and his sister became best friends resulting in him and I to become very close. He had started smoking meth when he was 14 he was out of control, quit school, cheated, lied, used and manipulated everyone. He came over to my house one night he was tweaking, he had been up for 4 days. He had pulled all of his eyelashes out, this image is forever in my head. It was so sad seeing someone you love so much do this to themselves. He told me that he stole my neighbors golf cart, someone elses golf-cart in my neighborhood and broke into 7 cars. I was mad but I already knew this, because they came over a day earlier asking where he was and that they and everyone else who he stole from had called the cops and were looking for him. I let him know that I already knew and that I forgave him. My mother who is a recovering coke addict talked to him for a long time, we went to buy him clothes as his were all to big now, mouthwash and cream for his sores. We took him back to his house the next morning, I gave him a kiss and told him he was a good person. Later that afternoon he was arrested and was sent to juvi for a 6 months. When he got out he was issused to live with his grandparents because his parents sold and used meth and pills. He did very good while living there, he was going to AA meetings, not using any drugs and overall just happy with life. I and everyone else saw how wonderful he was doing and thought he was serious about quitting. After living with his grandparents for 4 months he left to move in with his father, his dad is a very nice, witty, charming man but has a meth addiction of his own. This is not good for my friend, he knows like everyone else that his dad is always messed up and does not care what he does. The day he moved in was the day he relapsed. After that I didn't talk to him nor his family for months, till I got a call from him on his birthday and I answered, he asked if I would like to come over and see everyone, I was unsure at first but he insured me that he was clean again so I decided to stop by and say hello to everyone and happy birthday, it was nice catching up with one another. Till he got a call to come outside his house as someone had a birthday present for him, I asked if i could go along, he said yes. We walked to the car where the guy handed him a baggie of ice, after a few shared words with each other the car drives off and he walks up to me pleading he did not know he has going to give him that, he just gave it to him as a present. I screamed at him, "What's so great about it!?" He starred at me for a moment with the saddest eyes I've ever seen and asked with all seriousness in his face, "Want to find out then?.." I had never tried it and never wanted too seeing what it did to my best friend. I thought hard before I answered back, "Yes" I did not want to do it to get messed up or anything but more to know what this drug does to people to make them the way it makes my friend so I could understand and maybe be able to give wiser advice if I knew how it worked. My first time wasn't so great as everyone said it would be, for him though it was magic. After no time at all it was gone and for him that was his hell, he was sweating, tweaking and jonesin. He went over possibly 50 ways he could get some more, made over 10 calls and was searching for ice on the floor, baggie and pipe, destroying everything in sight. I laid on the couch just watching him not daring to say a word, my friend as im sure as of any addict does not want to hear they have a problem and that they should stop, especially when they are feening. When it got morning him nd his friend decide they should go stripping for copper to get money for ice, while doing that the cops drives by and sees this and arrest him and his friend. I still care for him as I will always, I just can't play this game anymore. PS- Tried meth just that one time!!!

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