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it almost killed me

this is who i am. a normal teenager. normal teens are doing this

Is anyone reading this?
please don't try it.
im 15 years old
ex addict
over 4 months clean. & i still dream about it
its not like any other drug
it destroys your soul
it makes you do things you would never do
i mis treated my mother so bad i got kicked out at 14
are you reading this?
alone in the streets.
eventually made using street friends
i lived with my dealer for a couple weeks. he was 26
26 years old. grown man. meth cook.
eventually i began to sell myself to him just to get my next fix
i went crazy if i didn't get it
& i was crazy on it. i saw monsters that weren't real
i saw shadows that weren't there
i heard noises that weren't normal.
not to mention the voices.
i was 120 pound
i dropped to 92.
92 pounds , 15 years old
is anyone reading this ?
this drug is evil
pure evil
it becomes your personal demon.
and if you do it once, as an addict, you will go back to it,
take it from someone who snorted & smoked it for over a year.

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