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diamond roses

Diamond Roses

It's like a diamond rose
and shimmering with curiosity you pick it up
you pick it up even as it hurts
even as you bleed
because the higher you bring it
the higher it brings you
and from up here you can see its beauty
sharp edges of dazzling clarity
so much more wonderful than you thought possible
you can't contemplate it
can't understand it
it's just so heavenly

but there's something wrong
it's heavy and painful
it's weight brings you back down
and it wasn't like this before
so you search for another
and try to lift it
this one is a bit bigger
and you can't lift it as high
as it digs deep
your cut hands bleed even more
but you don't mind
lovely red velvet
looks so warm and rich
dripping over these diamond petals
and so you carry it with you
where ever you go

and now people stare
but you're not surprised
who could ignore you?
bathed in the glimmering light
of your diamond rose
yet they aren't staring at you
the way you think they are
they see only your mangled hands
and from the distance you keep
to protect your diamond rose
the look more and more they look worried
because they know those hands
or at least they did
back when you were willing
to hold them dear
instead of your diamond rose

and by now
a long-time not-so-long-time later
sort of now
the petals are under your skin
they run clean through your hands
they make you shiver
they make you numb
but you keep on holding
your beloved bloody rose

now you are scared
they want to take your rose
but you can't let that happen
they tell you to let it go
but you can't
they tell you things will be alright
but they don't understand
how beautiful that rose is
how deep it runs in your veins

you're on your knees
holding your rose above you
and wishing you could be up there with it
but if you try you won't be able to lift it
you'll fall
rose and all
you can feel yourself
being forced down
the heavy burden
is sinking you into the black of earth
burying you alive
well almost alive anyway

they are reaching out to you now
as desperate as you are
but you can't see it
when your buried so deep
and so you sink
your torn hands
unable to pull you up
bleed intill there is nothing left
nothing but diamond roses
where there once was a you

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