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I sure as hell didn’t need any help

I started doing meth when I was 13, my dad introduced it to me. He always did drugs around me so I figured why not? Well I was wrong... My first time was a start of a new addiction; like you hear all the time I said, "I’m only going to try meth once". My first time was amazing - the rush, the pleasure. I loved it until I started stealing to get to meth. I ended up giving up everything for it. Meth had the horrific side effects; I still have the scars on my arm from thinking bugs were inside my body. I was sent to jail about twice for being caught with meth. Meth controlled my life, but I thought I was in control. I hit rock bottom - I left my parents at age 15 and ran away. My father changed a little later, got help for his drug addiction and tried to get me help as well. I sure as hell didn’t need any help; I needed meth. At age 18 my daily routine was to wake up and get high. I got a girl pregnant and left her at age 17. At age 20 I was depressed and wanted to commit suicide. But I didn’t; instead I got help. There are so many excuses you can make up on why you do meth, but there isn’t one. It wasn't hard to start but it was to stop. But if you never start you'll never have to worry about stopping now, will you?

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