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I started using all the time everyday

The first time I tried meth it was like "finding god." I wasn't the shy goofy kid at parties not talking to anybody, I was having fun staying up and it lasted so long! I didn't know what using was really about until a "friend" of mine shot me up with the shit. I started using all the time everyday at all costs. Smoking meth didn't even give me a buzz I had to go for the veins. I quickly lost about 60 lbs. started stealing money from everybody and all I could think was, wow it lasts so long. I am now so addicted I have to shoot it in my muscles because I have no veins left they have all collapsed. I wish I could just stop. I never thought a drug could last too long. Now I stay awake for up to 12 days at a time and I'm hoping every time I do fall asleep that I won't wake up craving meth.

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