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I wish I would have stopped her

My cousin is a recovering addict. We were really close, like sisters. She is two years older than me and I used to look up to her. One time when I was 14, I was hanging out with her and some of her friends. She tried Meth with them. I just watched.

I wished I would have stopped her, but I didn't think that her using would turn into what it did. She stole from me, her parents kicked her out and my parents took her in. She was living on the streets by the time she was 18. She's 20 now; she went to rehab and is doing a great job at staying clean (after many failed attempts). She says that the Meth Project ads are the most truthful and effective ads that spread the truth about what Meth can do to you. I thank this foundation for spreading the truth about Meth. These commercials are effective and hard hitting, not just some words on a screen.

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