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I started to see things

I was living with two friends and I asked them what we were going to do that night. They looked at each other and started to tell me that they were going to use Meth. I'd heard all about it from doctors and teachers at school, but thought to myself it must not be that bad if they use it. So, that night we all sat around the kitchen table and lit up a pipe. They showed me how to smoke it. Hour after hour pipes were lit and we kept smoking. I felt amazing. I could not do anything but color pages printed out from the internet. I would sit for hours and draw. I think the sign of me beginning to do too much was when I started to see things that were not really there. I ended up dropping out of school, lost my job, and wrote bad checks. I kept smoking more though, the feeling was amazing - it felt like no matter what I had more Meth to smoke, until that one day I had too much. I ended up freaking out on my friend and pushed her down the stairs. Due to that she never had her child she was pregnant with. She and my other friend ended up moving away. I joined an alternative schooling program and now have my diploma. I have been clean for 1 1/2 years. Never has one day gone by without me thinking about that horribly addictive drug. Be smart, say no. Just once will change your life forever, that's all it took for me.

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